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About Vanilla Tyme

VanillaTyme is a whitelisted survival server with no grief and no game altering plugins.
We have an active, friendly, mature community along with a dedicated staff team that is always there to help. We’re always looking for people to join our community but we’re also looking for quality over quantity so keep that in mind when applying.

Saturday Events

Every Saturday, we host Events where players can come and participate in our numerous amounts of mini games. From Spleef, King of the Ladder, Stick Fights, Musical Carts, and many more. Winners are awarded prizes for each game they win. 


Active Discord Server.

Weekly and Special Events

Every week we have competitions that use the scoreboard to keep track of them. Top three competitors get a variety of rewards. We also have Special Events that include Ender Dragon Fights which sometimes have a slight twist, if you know what I mean. During holidays we run build competitions that also get awarded prizes and are determined by the community voting.

Market Area

Our spawn has a dedicated area for players to buy and sell. There are rules in place to keep the Market organized as well as you must have a stall before you can claim a shop plot.

Vanilla-Tyme Mature Active Community

Apply now to be part of our amazing Community.