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Collectible Information Below

Why Vote

Voting brings new faces to our community. Each vote helps promote the server on the voting sites to more attention to us. The more the merrier!

What do I get?

We've set up an extensive list of rewards to earn. From food to blocks, including beacons and shulkers, each vote will give you something as a token of appreciation.

Collectible Information

You can turn in collectibles for a handful of things. The minimum amount right now to turn in is one set of ten unique collectibles.  All available collectibles are up on display at the events building top floor. You can turn those in to get the following:


One Set

  • Move a spawner to your base/claim that you have found. The spawner has to be from the same dimension.
  • Our 5$ Supporter Donator Rank
  • A Trident
  • 3×3 hole in the nether roof.
  • Convert a Spawner in the overworld to zombie, skeleton, spider, or cave spider.

Two Sets

  • Mending Infinity Bow

Three of Every Staff Collectible

  •  A wildcard collectible with your name and some enchantments of your choosing(needs staff approval). This does not count as a staff collectible turn in.

All Collectibles

  • 1.14 God Armor

Five Event Collectibles/Voting Loyalty Swords

  • One random staff collectible