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Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s day we will be trying something new. Due to the reset we weren’t able to fully do Secret Santa. For that we have come up with Secret Admirer!

The Secret Admirer Gift exchange is happen on Valentine’s day February 14th at 6PM EST. As well as leaving a gift for someone at the designated area, like you do in Secret Santa. We want to encourage a sort of build up to the big gift. That means leaving anonymous gifts at someones base, shop, or other claim. Staff will not be permitted to use their magic and tell you who that person is!

To sign up all you got to do is go to the Holiday area at spawn, and rename a piece of paper by the portal. You can find the Holiday are by going to the hub and going through the adjacent Tunnel named “Holiday”, or go to x224, z-23. There is paper and anvils there for you to use. If the anvils break contact a staff member so that it can get replaced.

The gift exchange sign ups will end on February 2nd at 6PM EST. Make sure you have discord so that we can tell you who the person you will be admiring is.

Other than the gift exchange we also have a Building COMPETITION! All you need to do is go to the Holiday Events area and claim a plot. If there are no empty plots contact a staff and they will make more plots. There are some rules, all plots are to be no more than 20×20, there is not height limit though you cannot go any further than 10 block down.

The competition will end on Valentine’s Day February 14th at 6PM EST. A poll will be made to vote on a winner for the event the following day at some time.

When the competition is over all builds will remain there until we start preparations for the next event. All building will be taken down by hand, that means if you want your materials back please notify us ahead of time with a sign at your plot saying “Keeping Materials” followed with your name.

We hope you all have fun with this Event! Notify staff of any questions or issues!