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Saint Patrick’s Day!

This Month’s Build Competition is Themed around Saint Patrick’s Day. You can build anything that relates to St. Paty’s Day, like bars/pubs, parades, leprechauns, etc. All builds must be done by the end of the competition. The competition will go on till March 17th at 6PM Eastern. A poll will be posted the following day and voting will go on for a week.

The limitations to your build are MAXIMUM of 20×20. The only height limit is down and it cannot exceed ten blocks.

The Holiday area is located in the Overworld at these coordinates: x216 z-30, or in the Nether Hub in one of the adjacent tunnels labeled “Holiday”. Head there and just claim a plot and add a sign with your name.

As you can see from the image above we have redesigned the holiday area. For the next couple of days our builders will be decorating the area to fit the holiday.

Like before builds will be taken down after voting and winner has been announced. The materials will be available for you to pick up at the holiday area after they have been taken down.

Hope people have some fun with this Competition. Winner will get the BuildChamp tag as well as some goodies! The BuildChamp lasts for one month. A schematic of the holiday area will be available when the competition is over, for your own benefit.