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Market Rules

Claiming a StallAnyone can claim a stall, just simply go to an empty stall, replace empty sign and write your name and date of claim.

Can I edit the Stall?Editing, terraforming, adding chests is prohibited in the stalls. The purpose of the stalls is to see if you are active and responsible enough to upkeep your own show so that we don’t have inactive shops.

When can I get a shop plotYou must have a stall for at least two week. When your two weeks are up you will see a sign in front of your stall saying you have staff approval to claim a shop plot. When you have staff approval you can claim any empty Shop plot doing the same, replace empty sign and add your name and date of claim.

Moving from stall to shopWhen leaving your stall you must empty all your contents and leave the stall how you originally found it, this includes removing all signs. You may have your stall up while you are building you shop for up to two weeks. This ensures you dont have a shop and a stall at the same time, which is prohibited.

Shop plotsAn organized free flowing, fair shopping district is what we’re aiming for, there are clearly marked plot locations for your build. All plot build are not to exceed 20×20, it is ok if it goes over by five blocks but cant go over any further. Maximum build height from area ground is 54 blocks and a maximum of 10 blocks under. The remaining space around your plot is for terraform to match sourunding areas not your shop and for paths for moving around the shop district. Lastly all shops must be properly lit so no mobs spawn.

Is redstone allowed in the market area?Redstone builds are prohibited, unless you are approved by a staff member.

What determines an active Shop/Stall?An active Shop or Stall means you are checking your chests, collecting payments and keeping it stocked. If your Shop/Stall does not meet these requirements within 30 days all items will be donated to spawn materials, excluding those who post in the Holiday Thread in our Forums. two