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Main Rules

Fraudulent application
Players found to have lied on their application prior to, or after being accepted are subject to an immediate ban.

Game modifications
Acceptable modifications are Fabric, OptiFabric, Voxel Map, OptiFine, Forge, Inventory Tweaks, Journey Map, Litematica and Schematica. Any other modifications used to alter game play in any way, including but not limited to X-ray methods, is forbidden. Using a game bug or glitch intentionally to advance yourself or your game play is also prohibited. Any discovered bug should be reported in the “Bug Reports / Support” section on the forums. No scripts, including ones that will log you back in-game while AFKing. If you have any questions or concerns ask a staff member.

Game Play
No griefing, no stealing, no cheating, no trolling, and no PvP unless both parties consent. Committing any of the above aforementioned offenses will result in a ban.

Griefing is causing damage or harm in any way to another player or property not belonging to you. Stealing is taking something that does not belong to you (This also counts in the nether and the end)


When wearing an elytra, you must travel north. This will give new players without an elytra a chance to explore and collect in the other direction.

Spawn extends 1000 blocks in all directions from x0 / z0. Building and resource gathering at spawn is permitted in designated areas only or by staff approval.

Bases shall not exceed 750 blocks squared (750×750) in size. Ensure your base is marked with signs or a border. Prior to claiming your base thoroughly scout the area, including caves to ensure the area isn’t already claimed, use common sense If someone has crops planted, livestock in pens, etc., it’s obvious the area is inhabited. If you are in doubt contact a staff member.

Nether portal
All portals generated in the nether are to be at 115 on the y-axis and must sync properly with your portal in the Overworld. Your nether portal must connect to the closest main tunnel and can not have side tunnels. If the tunnel you need is already taken you must contact the person or staff to share the tunnel. Tunnels cannot exceed the max width and height of 5×5 this includes the walls floor and roof.

Personal Hubs
Must be at 100 on the y-axis and are restricted to your personal base (750×750 overworld).

Contribution to lag
Staff reserve the right to ensuring lag is minimized. No iron titans, chunk loaders, mega item sorters, or excessively large redstone builds. Mob farms must have an on/off switch where possible. AFKing at mob farms is allowed, assuming it has an on/off switch and kill switch. Players are allowed to have 100 animals and 100 villagers. Auto collection utilizing minecarts or hoppers shall be limited to as few as possible. Guardian farms cannot exceed 20X20X20 in size

After 30 days of not logging in a player is considered inactive. Any base owned by an inactive player is subject for removal unless staff is notified or a post has been made in the Holiday thread.

Public and Private chat
Keep the chat respectful and avoid sensitive topics. No spamming in chat, this includes repetitive logging in and out. No racist comments, advertising other servers, or excessive cursing. No harassment, abuse, or bullying.

Discord Voice
While there is more freedom while talking in voice channels the above rules regarding chat still apply.

To ensure you have read the rules contained herein you must include this code “#blamedragon” in the additional questions section of your application. If you fail to include this proof prior to submitting your application, you can email it to staff when they email you that you missed it.

Minecraft account
You may not have multiple accounts whitelisted to this server. If you are in a particular situation, husband and wife both gaming, speak with staff.