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Don’t Forget to Vote

Voting for the server helps Vanilla Tyme achieve a higher rating on the sites for people who are trying to find a Minecraft server. Voting is not required but is highly encouraged, when you vote you get all sorts of rewards, ranging from regular rewards to staff collectibles.

If you aren’t interested in keeping any of the rewards from voting you can donate them to spawn in the donation section for future community builds. Staff collectibles; all current staff members of Vanilla-Tyme have their own unique item that they personally choose. You can trade in a set of collectibles (a set being 10 different collectibles cannot be duplicates) for a variety of different things, Click Here for more information on collectible trading.

Voting really helps us more than you think bringing in more people into our wonderful Community. You can find all voting sites in this page on the top right under the header image or by going “/vote” in-game.