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18 hours ago
ChillTyme, a community base.

Hi ! 

If you haven't heard of Chilltyme it is a community base where we share most of our resources and all the farms. Everyone is welcome wether you completely base here or if you just have a house. There is no theme constraints, we just want our members to build what they like and are comfortable with. We have very friendly members who are always ready to help. We all live close together, that's what we like and that's mostly why we all want to be here together but it is not mandatory.


We organize community projects and activities when we can. Every member is free to organize activities or projects related to ChillTyme on his own. We also have a private text channel for communication on the VT discord server.


We are open to all suggestions and encourage it. To join us you simply have to contact me (victordes22) on discord or on minecraft and I will set you up. Some of our members can also invite you.


We hope to see you with us ! 😄

7 days ago
Bug with Whitelist

Have your problem been taken care of ?

8 days ago
Fuel and Fertilizer at McDowell's!

I'll make sure to come by !😀

about 1 month ago
Happy Cinco de Mayo!