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5 days ago
Christmas 2020 Mini-Build Competition

Our tree is located at -28860, 119, -2518. Also note...that this will also be next years submission if we have a way to save this...because after much swearing and many possible tears...we need to take a while to heal our souls. xD

about 1 month ago
Hello From The Flash

Hello, I am FlashOfHope. 


There really isn't a lot to say about myself. I am a gamer, a nerd, and the crazy horse gal. 


I took on my username when I bought my horse at 13. Flash was abused to the point of becoming aggressive. But, I understood him and decided the second I laid eyes on him, that I wasn't going to give up Hope on him. The Flash came when I started working with him. He would be there one second, and the next, I was looking around wondering where my horse got off to. I doubt The Flash could have disappeared quicker than that horse could. He gave me some of the most amazing years before cancer took him. But, that is where my gamer tag FlashOfHope comes from. 


I spend most of my free time gaming now. From Minecraft, to Dungeons and Dragons, I love them all. I also love reading all wrapped in warm blankies in a comfy bed. 


I am From Florida, but moved to Montana almost 6 years ago, where I met dreamersword and a much smaller RainbowKiddo. I have some...uhh..."Tude" being a short southern raised Italian.  


I think that pretty much wraps up all there really is to say about myself. So uhh...enjoy the crazy?