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what did i mis in the rules? I'd like some help please


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Base Claiming / Open Verification

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21 days ago
Ban Appeal

I am aware of what a client based mod is and what it does.  Texture packs may work differently than client side modifications but they can and do still modify the way the game is played.  No matter your definition, you still broke the rules by doing something to create an unfair advantage for yourself.  We are not looking for people to find and test loopholes in our rules.  We are interested in players who want to enjoy the game and be part of a community without cheating or trying to take advantage of what they perceive is a loophole.  For that reason, I don't believe this server is the correct fit for you.  Best of luck finding another server to play on.   Your appeal has been denied. 



22 days ago
Vanilla Tyme Nether Tunnel Dig Out and Build


A huge thank you to everyone who donated and assisted with the tunnel material collection!  We’re now ready to start digging out and building our permanent tunnels.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help with this community project.

To everyone with existing personal nether tunnels:

  • If your personal tunnel comes out further than negative 8 to positive 8 from the centerline, please move the start of your tunnel and signs back as soon as possible.  
  • It is highly likely that you will have to move your personal nether tunnel a few blocks over to meet up with the tunnel doorways.


If you’re interested in digging:

  • Consider wearing a gold piece of armor so piglins do not attack you.  Piglins will always attack if they see you open a chest or shulker. 
  • We will provide fire resist potions for anyone who wants to dig.  Please only take potions for use while digging out or building the tunnels. (coming soon)
  • It will be VERY helpful with mob spawns and much safer for everyone if you place down the ice, glass, or slab floors as you dig.  It would be efficient to get a partner and while one person digs, the other can place down floor blocks.
  • Do not leave open holes that others can fall through.
  • Please try not to break the regular ice paths.  If there is any packed or blue ice, it should be broken and replaced with regular ice. 
  • If you run into someone’s existing tunnel, you may mine it and put it in a chest in their tunnel.


Y Level - Tunnels should be dug from the bedrock ceiling y122 down to y108

North & South Tunnels - Z axis dig out from -8 to 8 

East and West Tunnels – X axis dig out from -8 to 8

*please note that some areas need to be dug out to 9/-9.  You’ll be able to tell which if you’re using the schematic.

Tunnels will end at 1250 or -1250. 


If you’re interested in building out the tunnels:

·        The schematic can be found below. If you’ve never used litematica, they’re tons of videos on YouTube that can help you learn.

·        IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you line up your schematic correctly.  Incorrect schematic placement will cause you to build incorrectly, and it will all have to be torn down.  Staff will build the first few blocks of the tunnels, to help you get things to line up.  There's a yellow wool block placed where the origin of your schematic should go.  Coordinates and rotation to line up your schematic are as follows:

North Tunnel

South Tunnel

East Tunnel

West Tunnel


Tunnel Schematic FIle:

Hub Schematic File:

Hub placement origin cords are: 

Tunnel Materials are in chests near the start of each tunnel.  There's many block types, so please try to keep it organized.

The north tunnel mats are in a room off of the left side at the start of the north tunnel.  The hub mats are in the same room.  (Where the tunnel donations were being accepted)

Please do not use full blocks in places where slabs are supposed to go.  We will run out of materials if this happens.  Easy place is a good way to prevent this from happening.

·   Also, please don’t place torches or any light emitting blocks anywhere except where the schematic indicates they should go. This is important so that we do not melt all our ice!


Please contact staff if you have any questions.  Be on the lookout for additional information regarding rewards for completing the tunnels.  



22 days ago
Ban Appeal

The rules state, " The use of any client modifications that give an unfair advantage to the game, including scripts, are against the rules."  Xray is a modification that creates an unfair advantage.  Furthermore, the linked client mod page from the rules specifically states that "xray" is banned from being used.  I feel like there is no question that xray would be allowed in any form because of the unfair advantage that it creates.  If you were honestly confused about it, why wouldn't you have asked before using it?  Collecting 108 diamond ore in 18 minutes is unfair to players legitimately mining.  

about 1 month ago
Nether Tunnel Design Competition

Congratulations to the Nether Tunnel Design winner, Ugerflingy!  His design will be constructed as the official Vanilla Tyme Tunnel for this season and will inspire the design of the nether hub.  Ugerflingy will also receive a wild card collectible for his winning design.  Special thanks to everyone that submitted a nether tunnel design and to everyone that voted.