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4 days ago
MUSHROOM QUEST - TASK II is this Sunday @3:00 PM EST!

THIS SUNDAY, join me for the Second Task of Mushroom Quest!

Mushroom Quest - Task II!

Time: 3:00-6:00 PM EST, 3 Hours

Date: Sunday, June 13th

Task: Crafting!

Teams: Solos, or Teams if we get enough people!


This is a CRAFTING task! Dr. Morel has tracked the DETESTABLE Mayor of Tymea to his UNDERGROUND LAIR, and Dr. Morel needs you to unlock the complex combo lock by crafting the items necessary to unlock it!

You'll be starting without gear and items to Craft 45 DIFFERENT ITEMS by exploring and harvesting resources from a continent on the map!

For EVERY ITEM crafted, players will receive a voucher to DantheNoodleMan's Shop!

Each Item crafted and placed into the chest will also be worth one (1) point!

The player(s) with the most points, or the first player(s) to craft and complete the task, will receive the COVETED Truffle Prize Pack.

The 1st Place Prize Pack includes netherite blocks, beacons, diamonds, and a Nighthawk Bow!

Mushroom Quest - Truffle Prize Packs!

Come to Mushroom Quest - Task II on the Nether Roof @-1117, -432. We'll see you Sunday!

10 days ago
MUSHROOM QUEST Has now begun! Now through Saturday, May 29th!

Task II of Mushroom Quest has been announced!

10 days ago
New Shop Event: Mushroom Quest!

Task II of Mushroom Quest has been announced!

10 days ago
Mushroom Quest - Task II is coming Sunday June 13th!

Task II of Mushroom Quest is Here!

Task II will be a competition to complete a ***Crafting Challenge***!

Date: Sunday June 13th
Time: @3:00 PM EST, and will last for 3 hours.

A HUGE thank you to the players who jumped on this build yesterday! This arena would NEVER have looked as clean, as polished, or as __*complete*__ without your help!

@Nightly#6442 @JPWW#0509 @sniper#8977 @VariableMink755#1306 @VocalCore#1333 @dulphin127#9948



Mushroom Quest - Task II



Dozens of Adventurers Answered the Call, risking life and limb to gather samples from mushrooms which sprouted up from unusual places.

Led by Dr. Morel, hundreds of samples have been analyzed and dissected, and the results scrutinized by a team of botanists, bio-chemists and -physicists, cytologists, and others.

Their conclusion: Tymea is under attack.

At a press briefing Thursday, Dr. Morel revealed the team’s findings, that someone or something is releasing mutated fungal spores into the atmosphere, which is raining down over Tymea.

Citizens may use anti-fungal treatments to remedy the effects of the spores.

With the effects of The Inoculum now known, Dr. Morel called for mobilization of police, and for The Mayor to enact a state of emergency.

When we reached out to The Mayor’s Office for comment, the receptionist, panicked, told us that he was out, and hung up.

It’s unclear what the way forward will be. With Dr. Morel leading the effort to contain the Inoculum, and with The Mayor refusing comment, our way forward is filled with uncertainty.

11 days ago
The JUNE Shulker Bounty Program!

Hey Tymers! The shopping district is having trouble keeping up with Shulker Demand.

That's why I'm creating the Vanilla Tyme Shulker Bounty program! Starting now through the end of June, I will pay 1 diamond or shop voucher (your choice) for every set of shulkers (2 shells) brought home to be sold in the shopping district!

To qualify for payment from the Shulker Bounty Program, you must DM me through Discord 3 screenshots:

1. At the outset of your end-bust, with the time and date displayed for your country from This must be done with your Minecraft game in window mode and the website in the foreground. Please see this example.

2. A screenshot of you end-busting in an end city. (selfies are fine, extra points if you're floating due to shulker hits)

3, A screenshot at the end of your end-bust, with the time and date displayed for your country from See the above example.

4. Put the shells or shulkers for sale in your shop, and DM me when it's done, and I'll check it out!

As long as the above steps are followed as directed, and I see the shulkers in your shop or stall, I will provide pay-outs in Icky's Post Office in the Shopping District.

If you manipulate images, I will add your name to a board of shame in the top floor of my shop, and you'll be banned from all Dan Programs in the future.

I will not share DM'd desktop picture sent to me. The person with the top end-busting picture voted by our peers will receive a Shulker Bounty Prize Box the first week of July!

I am not responsible for losses while players end-bust. If you want to end-bust but need a sponsor to do so, I will lend the gear for it and subtract the diamond cost from the bounty.

Good Luck, and Happy Shulker Murdering!

- Dan