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New All About Semi-Vanilla
22 days ago

Welcome to Semi-Vanilla Tyme, the newest branch of the Vanilla Tyme community!  Semi-Vanilla will share the same Discord and forum.  This means that you will see posts tagged for each respectively.  Our creative and UHC servers will also be shared.  We are one big family! 

 If you have already been...

Christmas 2020 Mini-Build Competition
25 days ago

Spawn needs a Christmas tree!  For this mini-competition, we want you to build a Christmas tree at your base.  Your tree must fit in a 40x40 area.  The taller, the better!


We will take pictures of your tree and post them in Discord for the community to choose a favorite.  The winner will have their Christmas tree moved to Spawn!   We will take our Christmas

Halloween 2020 Festivities
about 1 month ago

Please join us for our Halloween events on Vanilla Tyme!

Our Halloween costume party will be on Friday, October 23rd.  Meet up at spawn at 5:45pm EDT for a group picture.  Be sure to wear your favorite Halloween skin.

Follwing the picture on October 23rd, The End will be reset at 6:00pmEDT, and we will fight the dragon together.  Ever...

Welcome to the new!
about 1 month ago

Hello there! You have arrived at the new, faster, and more reliable  We're so glad to have you!

If you are already a member of the Vanilla Tyme community, you need to register a new account here, but do 

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